Why You Need To Install SSL For Your Website Today?

SSL which means secured socket layer may sound familiar to many people but might not necessary know what it does exactly. Large and popular website already have a SSL installed even though you may not know.

Look up your navigation bar above and you will notice a green padlock. This means the data being transferred from your end computer down to the server is secured.

Why You Need To Install SSL For Your Site Today?
Why is SSL so  important?

In a nutshell,with SSL the data transmitted over the Internet between your computer and the destination server. The password used in logging into your preferred social media or your credit card information when you use to purchase something online are datas your site encrypt- you wouldn’t want other people have these details about you.

With SSL  you need not worry as information that is being transmitted  is safe to an extent because data is  encrypted by inserting random characters into the original message making it unavailable to everyone except the intending server.

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This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to steal your information.
Why this technology may sound fancy and cool. Are there any practical reasons to migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS ?

let me do a little explanation.

Better SEO

SEO  is about driving more organic traffic from search engines.  SSL is one of the ranking signal used by google to determine the ranking of a website.


it is imperative to ensure the privacy and security of your users/customers. if you intend collecting passwords or any other sensitive information through your website SSL becomes vital. It ensures security for both visitors and websites website owners.
Website owners can take a sigh of relief because there traffic is 100% encrypted.

Website credibility

Websites like Facebook, Mozilla, and Google use SSL and show their green padlock, just beside the address bar. But mind you not all websites using this protocol are legitimate.

E-commerce store

For you to run an eCommerce you would need to install SSL certificate according to PCI compliance.

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With HTTPS on a site, visitors tend to trust your credibility

PS:Do not buy anything from a store which does not have SSL installed.


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