Types of Inverter Systems you need to know

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Inverter Systems as become very popular in Nigeria due to the epileptic power supply faced in the country. Many have resorted to this source of electric power as its is more reliable  and even cost effective on the long run.

This article was put together  to give exposure to future buyers an idea of the types of inverter that exist.

Types of inverter systems

They are basically three types which include:

  • Square- wave inverters
  • Modified-Square wave inverter.
  • Pure-Sine wave inverter.


Square- wave inverters

The square wave inverter is the  most primitive of all, simple to build and the least expensive. They are generated using square wave IC’s such as CD4047 as the main oscillatory unit IC.

They have serious limitation and cannot be used to power sensitive house-hold and medical equipment.

They can power devices that can tolerate sharp fluctuations of voltages or current such as electric bulbs, standing fans and some types of AC motors.

Modified-Square wave inverter.

The modified square  wave outputs a voltage and current that is almost similar to a pure sine wave inverter.Thus  this type have a level of increase difficulty when  building and even more expensive when compared to the former.

They are build in order to power larger number of sensitive house hold appliances although this cannot be used to power very sensitive devices such as devices in the hospitals.

Pure-Sine wave inverter.

The pure sine wave inverter is the most expensive and difficult to build.

Pure-Sine wave inverter. are consider the best  as this is exactly  the output voltage and frequency of power utility companies  and hence can be tired to the national grid as backup sources of power.

They are best used for sensitive equipment because the voltage drop frequency is sinusoidal.

Soon i would be making a tutorial on how you could build a full fledged pure sine wave inverter  home use.



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