Twitter increases display name character limit to 280

Just few days after replacing 140 character tweet limit with a new 280 character limit,the social network has done a similar thing but in a less conspicuous one.

Users sees the new 280 character tweet limit as an unnecessary move by twitter, little wonder the site has been flooded with updates mocking the change since it came into effect.

Before now twitter display name could only contain 20 characters but you have up to 50 characters right now.
This change is only applies to display name and not to the user names.

You still confused as to which is which, the username is what follows the @ symbol and is often referred to as a handle. that is still for now its original limit which is 15 characters, the display name is what people fill with emoji. gotten it right ?

This changes is sure to please those who have felt that the previous law on twitter having 20 character display name which the limited creativity, expression which in no way contributed to an easy-to-read user experience while scanning feeds on twitter.

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