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Having an optimized site with a very bad host can cause lots of headaches. Most time there are little encounters we have and we might just need to get support from our host which might not be readily available.
In order to avoid such scenarios, today i have made up list of hosting trust worthy hosting  companies that have been doing great over the years.

The first on the list  is


Bluehost a web hosting company founded by Matt Heaton in 2003 has been our best choice,Bluehost have an excellent up-time,wide range of hosting options coupled with a very active support system unfortunately bluehost do not offer windows base hosting but offer
great packages for wordpress users. It is even rumored the U.S military websites and some other top government organisation in the U.S use Bluehost.



Namecheap hosting founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall manages about seven million domains. Namecheap support system is just on point, having various hosting packages which is very affordable when compared to the previous. Namecheap just like blue host do not offer windows hosting, but for those seeking for top notch hosting at affordable rate namecheap is top on list.



Godaddy founded in 1997 by Robert Bob Parsons, it is the largest ICANN-accredited registrar on the Internet. Goddady has both Linux and windows based hosting at affordable rates, customer support is on the average coupled with very confusing user interface which can be an ache for newbies.



Wpengine started full operations in 2010, and has since be doing awesome. Wp enigine specialize in hosting wordpress sites and anything wordpress related, They got an awesome customer care that would just keep you smiling while online,wp engine is more like a wordpress preffered developers package offering multiple installs per Hosting plan. Are you a developer? or web designer working with the wordpress cms. Then wp-engine is just the host for you.



A2 hosting has been  around since 2001 initially know has Iniquinet , they got server around the world, guarantee a 99.9% uptime’ and very active support.

A2 claimed they got speeds of up to 20x faster than competitors, remember?Anything close to that would be impressive and lucrative.


Since 1998 Ipage has been making waves in the hosting industry. Ipage is relatively cheap and offering top notch service,Ipage offer unlimited plans though there is really nothing like unlimited plan on this earth just a marketing slang with ipage you can add as much addons domain to your hosting plan but on exceeding the CPU resource allocated to your account, your account might just get suspended isnt that awesome?
Ipage is recommended to anyone who needs 99% uptime at an affordable rate.


In 2007 site ground began operation with just one employee, but as of today site ground has en massed over 460,000 domain.

Site ground has almost 100%  up time through the year 2016 which has been very consistent. No spikes or slow loading times whatsoever. So far, so good.

No  wonder site ground is being recommended in so many  blogs.


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