How Technology Helps Improve Business in Nigeria

The impact of technology in business is undeniable, a few years ago there were no email, internet or smartphones but today exist instant processing of huge amount of information within seconds across the internet and they exist powerful tools among employers and employees.

This innovation in technology has helped improve operations in businesses of different size. Technology has had a tremendous impact in Nigerian businesses in the following ways:


Technology has spread many businesses from printing advert when it comes to reaching new and existing clients.The internet  helps in this aspect from a simple informational website to advertising on search engines, Facebook or online product sales .Email marketing is also a very low cost medium to  effectively reach a large group of people. Mobile marketing can not be left out,this form reaches people through bulk sms or mobile applications.

Record Keeping

Prior to the use of computers, record keeping was done manually.Today computers help in storing information which are rodent free.

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Record keeping, using technology has been of immense importance to our modern day, documents are easier to access, process and modify.


Smarter ways now exist on how we farm, all thanks to improvement in technology — gone are hoes and cutlasses. High-end technological advancement have been of great benefit to most farmers by constructing a stress-free and more cost effective agricultural process.


Communication is a necessary prerequisite in business, technology has help small businesses to reach their customers quicker and smarter.Smartphones today assist business owners respond to customers about inquiry or give support in a timely hour. Smartphones raise the bar with constant access to the internet, email and business softwares day in day out.


Small businesses in Nigeria need to put in every effort to ensure productivity and technology get the job done even faster with time saving capabilities.This range from providing customer support from email or an online chat. One key factor to keep employees focus when using technology to save time is to use it appropriately with the goal in mind.Sometimes phone calls my seems even more efficient than an email.

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The recent trend of people working from home as help boost productivity,help save time and has tremendous benefits to both employees and employers .Communicating using email and online collaboration tools are effective in increasing productivity and profit.


In order for a meeting between employees and employers to ensue,one need not be present in conference halls.With the help of teleconferencing, meetings can be held from different locations by bringing together webcams,audio and collaborating online tools to create an interactive environment. Participants in such meetings. can see themselves work together no matter where they are in the world.This is one way to extend small business to reach the global scope.


Gone are the days when you have to pay heavily to take up business courses, with the advancement in technology one could easily increase his or her knowledge via the internet. For those in the educational sector this has proved to be a very indispensable especially for students and mnagement.

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