List Of Top Tech Blogs In Nigeria

Tech blogs in Nigeria have been on the rise and research of recent has shown that phone users in Nigeria are on a steady increase. Tech bloggers weren’t taken seriously in recent years, but today the stone that was abandoned has become the chief cornerstone.

Tech blogger has played an intrinsic role in the Nigeria blog-sphere, we would not limit the indispensable nature of tech as even top entertainment blog has started writing tech articles.

With the help of Alexa and similar web premium subscription, I was able to get the top 10 tech blogs in Nigeria with factors based on their daily visitors, global and local ranking.

Top list top best tech blogs in Nigeria

I have always been of the notion that technology and agriculture are the ideas that will change the Nigerian fortune. it is quite evident with the proposed plan to make Lagos a tech city which shows the rapid need for tech development.
Let me introduce you to the list – the top Tech blog site that runs the show in Nigeria.

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The first and foremost isĀ 


TechCabal is Nigerian most visited tech blog.It is one of the biggest in Africa from a country such as Nigeria where entertainment blogs dominate. It is even mind-boggling of how Tech cabal made it to the top 50 most visited site in Nigeria- A feat that has been reached.

Many people look up to Techcabal for unbiased reviews, Tech news and groundbreaking revolution in Africa


Techpoint is to open an entrepreneurs mind to vast opportunity and the daily news. widely known for its news on exciting tech startups, gadgets and tech news across africa Techpoint tells an african story using a touch of africanism in a form you have never seen, you’ll be amazed at how resources are untapped in africa which are ripe and ready for harvest.


Naijatechguide is a tech site popularly known for mobile phone reviews and comparison, if you were searching online for phones and gadget undoubtedly you must have stumbled upon this site.
So they have a very high SEO(search engine optimization), it is also essential to know that naijatechguide is the first blog in Nigeria to redeem millions from affiliate advertising both from Konga and Jumia.

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Specpricenigeria brings to the table cutter edge reviews for tech gadget and smartphones.
Are you tired of crappy reviews?
Specpricenigeria boasts of buyers reviews well if you think otherwise you can check it out for yourself.


I remember in 2012 when I began blogging, when I search on google On how to own a blog the first site is usually ogbongeblog, if you want to learn how to blog in Nigeria you can learn everything from one of the top tech bloggers jide ogunsanya.
Many bloggers in Nigeria have learnt everything they know today from this blog.

The site has offered value to any Nigerian blogger more than any other site.
A practical guide on how to’s and technology-related information relating to affiliate advertising, tutorials, multiple-choice options to monetize your blog are taught.

Without any doubt, the most valuable blog to bloggers in Nigeria is Ogbongeblog by jide ogunsanya.

Geek.Ng main focus on phone reviews, phone comparison and tech news.
This site has multiple posters, which clear defiles the saying that multiple cooks spoil the meal.

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A Covenant University graduate, she has made her blog in techy and interesting to read, in a short spam misstechy as made famous in the tech blog niche but doesn’t be deceived this woman has worked her ass out trying to reach the feet at which she is right now, little wonder they say.

what a man can do a woman can do even better


This list would not be complete without the incredible yomiprof, in this blog you find an endless explanation to tech tutorials here.

Mobility arena

Mobility arena which looks more like the gsmarena for Nigerians covers smartphone reviews. Simple and easy to navigate you find mobility arena suitable for all sorts of updates concerning the mobile world.


The bestmobs is not just valuable to Nigeria but to people overseas also.
This showcases the best phone you intend buying, with comparison authenticity compared to that of gsmarena, phone arena and another authority blog in the world.

Android Nigeria

Android Nigeria have the monopoly of android phones, they considered themselves the best niche when it comes to android phones offering services solely for android reviews, and latest android games

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