Shun Ponzi Schemes It Is Never Sustainable

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The year 2015 the year it all began, the great MMM (mavro mondial movement) launched its activity in Nigeria within the span of two months it has become famous in the across the country.

Many where Phing and Ghing ,life is sweet as they would say when alert is received.

Participants where warned by  the federal government to shun the scheme because it wasn’t legally registered as a business and was a faceless organisation which has an unsustainable ideology and could not easily be tracked. Nigerians gave the government the bashing of life categorically stating

” if the money invested was their’s”.

By December 2016 MMM went on a break as a result of Gh (Gethelp) exceeding (Ph), By February when MMM claimed it has reopened much had happened in the ponzi world, meanwhile MMM was deceiving it’s participants that it was setting up a new model ( BIG FAT LIE).

On returning  all mavro’s  were frozen rendering it not withdraw-able and keeping many stranded,some where committing suicide others where being hospitalized due to the trauma it caused .

During the frozen period of the mother of all ponzi’s,

Gethelpworldwide(another ponzi with a different approach but same ideology) was king , and making waves in town, You do hear participants say this when cautioned to desist-

 “I know it would crash but it would take a long time” .

But what happened once more, we all know the story.

I recall a young man who took up the pain to campaign against this epidemic,  he was called Sgtponzihater, he was a night mere to all greedy ponzi lovers.

As the two strongest ponzi schemes where on their kneels begging for participants, many Nigerians got wiser and started creating theirs to defraud the populace, the likes of twinkas, Investcashout, Springcash, cashloup, poshalert, esusu, e.t.c

In just one day about 20 schemes would be launched with people investing heavily-as e dey hot ooo phenomena, while owners cash out massively, the participant are left stranded on the long run.

With the 2nd coming of MMM, Guiders are cashing out massively whether you like it or not and this would in turn speed up its second crash.

Millions had been lost to this schemes and millions gained by owners, what surprises me is people keep on investing into these schemes, that would crash again and again.

Be warned Nigerians!!! Shun Ponzi schemes.

No matter if its paying you might just get unlucky the second time.


There is no money that is to little to lose, every cash count -your money is precious, don’t give it to cyber thieves for free.

  • Have a business plan,
  • Start small- invest that spare cash
  • Make strategic  plans to see its a success in a small scale.
  • Then move medium and then large

Life na small small.

With just 30000 naira , Adewale Aladejana, who owns Sapphire scents has made millions and having a rare privilege of transacting with a past head of state directly, and many other who started with little but move mountains now.


Oyinkuro is a freelance writer, website designer and internet marketer. He is the very guy who believes he can do much and accomplish higher heights by steady learning and application.



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