How to Know a Real Seller from a Scammer on Olx and Jiji

scam olxThis article is intended to help classified ads users to distinguish between a scammer when you want to purchase of an item whether used or new.

We are not oblivious of the fact that in any booming business scammers must always exist to swindle unsuspecting users of their hard earned money.
Having this thought in mind, one must be careful when doing any business online.

The truth is that there are 100% legitimate online sellers on olx and jiji and item sold by them are at a cheap price.

How do you spot the difference between a scammer and a legitimate seller?

When buying from these classified site you really need to be careful.On this article i would be highlighting how to spot a scammer from a legitimate seller in order for you to avoid been scammed.

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1 .The item being sold.

No legitimate seller on olx would hire a graphic designer to design/edit the background of their product or download any random images on the net and post it as his/her product. These kind of advert are mostly scam.

2 .Check other ads by seller.

Checking other ads of a seller would to a large extent tell if a seller is legit or not. if the photo is also edited my brother run oh,na pure scam.Most a-times scammers usually have just one ad.

3. Check the seller description on the ad.

Scammer do not like giving much details on ad description because most time they know little about the product being advertise. You also need to know that description of legitimate sellers are concise and straight to the point while a scammer’s would be very lengthy because he doesn’t have time to make a good and concise write up, copying and pasting is his hobby.

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4. Too good to be true ads

Avoid adverts that are too good to be true like a plague advert that have price that are just to low, its either its a scammer or a legitimate seller that wants to scam you by selling goods that are not even to be called substandard but just plain refuse!!!

5.Pay before delivery.

Lol, i remember when one of my uncle’s was scammed on OLX of a phone. He paid 15000 Naira in advance to a scammer in hopes that the phone would be delivered soon, we all know what happened next. Never pay to a seller in advance always see the item and verify the condition before making purchase.

6.Do a check on seller

If the seller passes the aforementioned, do a check on the seller.Try copying the sellers number or name and paste it on google to verify if truly the name and number correspond or better still try knowing the lifestyle of the seller through pictures on Facebook, twitter e.t.c- its wise to always play safe.

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Finally you if you found a seller and have agreed for a meeting, always make your transaction in a open place or if the goods  for purchase is not easily conveyed, ask a friend to accompanying you to see the seller and the item.


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