Why You Should Never Use A Null Themes.

Apart from the Official wordpress site, there are thousands of sites that offer free themes and plugins, also others who give premium themes and plugin for free.That awesome, you think? now the problem here is that they cannot be trusted always.

Most people who share these extensions put in malicious code in them which is not easy to find especially when you ain’t familiar with PHP or Mysql.

Why exactly do they do this?

  • To hack your site.
  • To redirect your site to spam links.
  • To display their ads on your site.
  • To get back links from you unknowingly.

When i started with wordpress, i once used a nulled Premium theme i downloaded online.This theme was awesome, i was very happy as i got it all for free,later on i discovered that a back link was in the theme which would pop up whenever i want to share my new blogging tips on Facebook, i searched tirelessly for the text displayed online via cpanel, even my host searched both file and database to no avail. I got to download the full wordpress file from host to Pc and search each file with notepad ++, to no avail, on the long run, i had to change the theme, guess what? those spam links where still there, it had incorporated into wordpress core files and my SEO had reduced drastically, i had no option than to pull down the full site and start all over.

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I was lucky to have discovered on time and the code didn’t take years to manifest, which could had been even more devastating.

Please note that nobody is father Christmas, that would be sharing paid stuffs free online, there is always something attached in return.

My take to be safe online avoid NULLED EXTENSIONS. Use a free theme if you can’t buy a premium one, that saves you lots of troubles.

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