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In the early 1960s, the US Portal Services adopted the usage of Zone Improvement Plan(ZIP) codes for quicker sorting of mail and delivery. Initially, it was made up of five numbers but in the 1980s these codes were extended to nine numbers. These numbers are written with a hyphen – YYYYY-ZZZZ. For example, 34517-2365.

Robert Moon, a postal worker in the United States is regarded as the “father” of Zip codes. He brought the idea of an index system in 1944 when he worked as a postal supervisor.

It is pertinent to note that postal code, zip code and postcode mean the same thing but in Nigeria, it is officially known as postal code while in the USA it is called zip code.

Many people make the mistake of filling 234  as Nigeria Zip code. Which is wrong as 234 in the official international dialling code.


So, what is Nigeria’s zip code?

 Nigeria Zip code

The Nigeria zip code is  110001, 23401 or 00176. is  the correct Nigeria zip code

How to Get Zip Code of Your Location in Nigeria

The Nigerian Postal Service provides an edge to help you get the actual zip/postal code of your town, area or street. The steps are listed below.

  • Go to Nigerian Post Code website
  • Select Search By Urban Location or Search By Rural Location
  • For Urban Location: Select your State, Town, Area, Street
  • For Rural Location: Select your State, LGA, District and Town
  • Click on Get PostCode to submit
  • Your postal code will be displayed

Zip code is a compulsory part of filling out the forms of any online application. When specifying the Zip code for Nigeria, most persons do it inappropriately. They fill 234 as Nigeria Zip Code which is not supposed to be so. People actually think it is the international dialling code for Nigerian phone numbers but Nigeria’s zip code is 00176-0000.

Difference Between Zip Code And Postal Code

The zip code and postal code are essentially the same thing. The only difference is that the united states of America use the ZIP-code while the United kingdom uses the Postal Code.

The ZIP code is the same as the postal code just names by different countries.

Nigeria Zip codes are arranged by the Nigerian Postal Service. Nigeria is divided into nine regions and each region code consists of the first digit.

Below is the


List of All Postal Codes For the Different States in Nigeria.

  1. Abuja postal code – 900001
  1. Abia State postal code – 440001
  1. Adamawa State postal code – 640001
  1. Akwa-Ibom State postal code – 520001
  1. Anambra State postal code – 420001
  2. Bauchi State postal code – 740001
  1. Benue State postal code – 970001
  1. Borno State postal code – 600001
  1. Cross River State postal code – 540001
  1. Delta State postal code – 320001
  1. Ebonyi State postal code – 840001
  1. Edo State postal code – 300001
  1. Ekiti State postal code – 362001
  1. Enugu State postal code – 400001
  2. Gombe State postal code – 760001
  1. Imo State postal code – 460001
  1. Jigawa State postal code – 720001
  1. Kano State postal code – 700001
  1. Kaduna State postal code – 800001
  1. Katsina State postal code – 820001
  1. Kebbi State postal code – 860001
  1. Kogi State postal code – 260001
  1. Kwara State postal code – 240001
  1. Lagos (Island) postcode – 101001
  2. Lagos State (Mainland) postal code – 100001
  3. Nasarawa State postal code – 962001
  1. Niger State postal code – 920001
  1. Ogun State postal code – 110001
  1. Ondo State postal code – 340001
  1. Osun State postal code – 230001
  1. Oyo State postal code – 200001
  1. Plateau State postal code – 930001
  1. Rivers State postal code – 500001
  1. Sokoto State postal code – 840001
  1. Taraba State postal code – 660001
  1. Yobe State postal code – 320001
  1. Zamfara State postal code – 860211

This list of zip codes of various states in Nigeria is a n intrinsic information every Nigerian should take note of. Its importance cannot be over-emphasized.

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