The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Salary & Ranks

The men and women of the NDA give their all to serve this nation. It is, therefore, necessary that they get their reward here on earth. This article shall expatiate on the rank and salary structure of the NDA.


Before we dive into the salary structure of the NDA, let us take a peek into the history of the academy.


The Nigerian Defence Academy was founded in 1964. Its aim of the establishment is to train officers for the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The NDA is responsible for providing every cadet officer with the essential knowledge, skills, and values necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer. This is achieved through military, academic and character development.

NDA salary and ranks

The NDA is situated in Kaduna and it is the only Military University in the country. The normal duration of training in the academy is 5 years. The 5 years encompasses 4 years of academic studies and 1 year of military training.

The Cadet Brigade is responsible for the cadets’ administration, character building and welfare. The Brigade is commanded by an Army officer usually a Brigadier General. This commander is called the Cadets Brigade Commander (CBC). Usually, there are five cadets’ battalions under the Cadet Brigade. The cadets’ battalions are:

  1. Abyssinia Battalion
  2. Ashanti Battalion
  3. Burma Battalion
  4. Dalet Battalion
  5. Mogadishu Battalion

Usually, the NDA has an annual cadets’ intake of 175 for the regular course. This is made up of 155 males and 20 females. There are vacancies reserved for cadets from other West African countries.

In 1978 the NDA grew to become an all Nigerian training institute. Three years later, in 1981; the institution had begun bilateral training of foreign militaries.

By 1985 the NDA had started offering undergraduate programmes to Military Officers in Training. Presently, they offer postgraduate studies both for MSc and Ph.D. The postgraduate studies are for both military and civilian students.


NDA Ranks and Salary structure

In every organization, there is a chain of command and salary structure. The NDA is not an exception. We’ve highlighted the NDA ranks below from the entry-level position of a private soldier to the highest position of General. Their monthly and annual salary have also been included in a table below. However, it is important to note that this salary excludes bonus and allowances.


Rank Monthly salary

Annual salary

Private Soldier N49,000




Lance Corporal N55, 000 N660,000
Corporal N58,000 N696,000




N63,000 N756,000
Staff Sergeant


N68,000 N816,000
Warrant Officer N80,000 N960,000
Master Warrant Officer N90,000 N1, 080,000
Second Lieutenant N120,000 N1, 440,000


N180,000 N2, 160,000


N220,000 N2,640,000
Major N300,000 N3, 600,000
Lieutenant Colonel N350,000 N4, 200,000


N550,000 N6, 600,000
Brigadier General N750,000 N9, 000,000
Major General N950,000 N11, 400,000
Lieutenant General N1, 000,000 N12, 000,000


N1,500,000 N18,000,000



The desire to serve one’s nation should not be greeted with discouragement. Individuals should be encouraged to serve their country without regrets. A good pay and salary structure is one of the motivating factors. When individuals are motivated, the result becomes unprecedented.

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