LionsBet: Paving Way With Big Odds,Massive Bonus, Instant Payment and Customer Satisfactions

Lionsbet is an innovative way to bet and one of my preferred sport betting in Nigeria. Lionsbet kicked up its operation officially last two years with an efficient quality management and professional service to ensure that punters get the best out of the platform

Lionsbet offers massive odds with a portfolio of products which includes varieties of sports which include soccer, basket ball, volleyball, hockey e.t.c.

Massive Bonuses on Lionsbet

Getting signed up on lionsbet is as easy as ABC,player receive a 100% first time deposit bonus which means that they get double any amount you deposit at first payment, bonus on accumulated games start from 3 games upwards compared to 5 games of other sport betting website.

This amazing sport betting platform allows you to have control over your bet game with the cash out feature. Lionsbet platform  introduce a feature called deposit achievement just as the name implies you get rewarded for depositing on the lionsbet platform; the more you deposit the more your chances of getting awarded. Lionsbet got another innovative packaged up their sleeves with the frequent player points you also get paid by using lionsbet frequently.

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Lionsbet also presents to individuals to whom are business minded and self motivated  on their own with the affiliate program you get a certain percentage for referring any prospective customers to the platform.

In order to show  appreciation for their customers lionsbet give out gifts to their customers on their social media pages you don’t want to miss this you need to trust me .This platform holds a reputation of one of the fastest payout which is within 10 minutes, first withdrawal of payment take a longer.

Lionsbet operation is regulated and licenced by the Lagos state lottery board with a company name  “The Hubbing Bird Nigeria”.

Is Lionsbet a scam?


Firstly if lionsbet is a scam I won’t be writing so good about it, a post on nairaland by TheHustler  says otherwise.The truth remains that lionsbet frown at fraudulent and shady activities so you have to take a look at their terms and condition or simply call their customer support if you truly have violated their rules or terms.If you go against the rules in their terms and condition your account would be deactivated with the money in it most likely.

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Lionsbet you remains the only betting company in nigeria which 3 times roll over and a minimum selection of 1.2 and in order to claim your bonus, the only betting company which make more than one payout a day.

Join me and enjoy massive bonus at lionbet today by simply registering.

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