Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy With The Yahoo Boy Format.

The proliferation of Yahoo-Yahoo boys (popularly known as G-boys) in Nigeria and their flashy lifestyle, has lead many astray to search online for recent yahoo boy formats to scam people via the internet.

I wrote this article because I have realized that quite a handful of youths search for various means to scam people online daily

scam people



some of the search terms are,

  • Yahoo boy format
  • Yahoo boy format for dating
  • scammer billing format,
  • military dating format
  • learn how to be a yahoo boy.  e.t.c.

Yahoo boy Format(scam script) – What does it mean?

A scam script or yahoo boy format ‘is a detailed way a person uses to swindle another unsuspectingly; their savings or funds.’ It’s very easy to scam people online because a scammer (one who scams) can easily hide his/her identity and falsify evidence or claims.

Scamming is fraudulent and you will go to jail if caught.

A few of the popular scams in Nigeria are listed below:

  • The dating scam.-military dating formats which is the most popular format.
  • The marriage scam format.
  • The investment scam format.
  • The product scam format. and
  • The credit card fraud.

Why do want to learn how to be a yahoo boy?

It is very obvious that the primary reason a person wants to learn how to be a yahoo boy, is that he/she needs your money but isn’t willing to work for it, rather he/she cons their way through to get it.

Other reasons include:

  • They feel oppressed and somewhat intimidated by the ostentatious display of luxury and the extravagant lifestyles led by the Yahoo-Yahoo boys.
  • Their numerous attempts to make money through legitimate means yielded zero positive results.
  • They personally have been scammed by said scammers – In Nigeria, even the government officials who claim to keep this burning issue in check, also swindle its citizens and rob them of certain rights. What more do you expect?
  • With the present situation in the country where “monkey works while baboon eats”, the mind of the average youth have been configured to believe that only fools work hard; since at the end, one will have little or nothing to show for his labour.

dating format for scamming

So how can one be a yahoo boy in Nigeria?

Being a yahoo boy is not easy, in-fact you ought to have attained a reasonable level of street smartness in order for you to succeed; the classroom dy/dx can’t help you with this. Sorry, bruh.

You need to have multiple online aliases without ever mixing things up. You have to be quick at coming up with world-class lies that are hard to unravel. You have to be online for hours on end and you have to cover your tracks all the time to avoid slip-ups.

I understand that you need this money which is hard to get, we all do. But brotherly, scamming people is a crime. Forget the scammer, karma is by their doorsteps. If you could channel all the brain work and the hours you expend trying to look for a client to swindle into something legitimate, you will make money. The influx might be a tad slow at first, but gradually, you will become a success.

Still on the topic of karma, whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, Traditional worshiper even, the truth is Karma is for real. Some might ask what happened to those Yahoo boys who paraded towns years back… Well, some are serving a jail term, leaving in penury, while some are dead.

If you are nurturing plans or are already in the process of swindling people out of their money, I implore you to kindly desist from such acts. Nothing long-lasting comes easy.

I will be teaching 5 people how to create websites for free as a contribution of my own quota to reduce the growing disease of scamming in Nigeria. If you are interested, kindly click on submit the post at the bottom of this page with your contact details appropriately filled, and I will contact you via whats-app.

With the massive call for people intending to learn how to create a website, i have decided to make a simple and concise tutorial on how you could create a website.

1.How To Create a Website| An Easy Step by Step Tutorial.

2.WordPress Installations | An Easy Step by Step Guide for Beginners.

3.Wordpress Customization|Step Guide For Beginners.(coming soon)


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