List Of Law Schools In Nigeria and Courses Offered

Every society or organization with a  rule of law and a working Constitution needs qualified legal practitioners to maintain order, otherwise chaos, assault, crime and instability is inevitable which will eventually crumble such society or organization. Hence, the reason for law institutions or law school to groom law students.

law schools in nigeria

The Law schools in Nigeria is an educational institution established by the federal government of Nigeria to train and erect well qualified legal practitioners in her society(Nigeria). These institutions are established for only law students that aim at practising law after graduation from the law faculty of Nigeria universities or one who studied law outside the country and wants to practice law in Nigeria. In other words, it is not meant for all law graduate but for graduates that want to practice the law profession.


After successful completion of the law school in Nigeria, it is required to take the Bar examination and a certificate will be issued to practice law, given by the Council of legal education in Nigeria, after which you will be called to bar.

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lawyers dress code in Nigeria
lawyers dress code in Nigeria

Students are required to abide by code and conduct guiding the school, defaulters may attract suspension or expulsion for misconduct, dress codes is usually a white shirt and black (cooperate) trouser or skirt with a black suit, attendance is highly significant as part of the class assessment (CA).

List of Reputable Law Schools in Nigeria

There are 6 reputable law schools in Nigeria, own and fully funded by the Federal Government of Nigeria, they are;

  1. Lagos state law school of Nigeria: it was founded in 1969, having graduated over 70,000 certified legal practitioners in the last decades. It is so far one of the best in Nigeria.


  1. Bwari law school, Abuja: founded in 1962 and situated in Lagos state, after which it was relocated to Abuja, Bwari.
  1. Nigeria law school of Kano: The school gained approval in 1999 by the council of legal education in Nigeria, built in Baganda town, Kano state. Headed by Dr N. Usman, a man of vision and great intellectual abilities in law practices for so many years. His mandate in the school is to promote law practices that will improve the school value and standard as well as the students.
  1. Nigeria law school, Yenagoa: situated in Bayelsa, Agudama Woke in the year 2001, well-equipped campus, standard ICT library, over 5,000 sitters auditorium and modern clinic wards.
  1. Agbani law school, Enugu state: Agbani law school is in fact one of the first campuses built in 1997 to train legal practitioner aspirants in the Southeast of Nigeria. It was founded in the year 1962, named after a former justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Augustine Nnamani.
  1. Nigeria law school Yola: The institute began activities in 2013, Directed by Dr. Tahir Mamman. This is the sixth law school to establish.
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Courses offered in Nigerian Law School.

Since the same rule of law applies all over Nigeria according to the Constitution, therefore the same courses are taken by all law school in Nigeria, they are listed as follows;

  • Civil litigation
  • Law in practice ( ethnic and skills)
  • Corporate law practice
  • Criminal litigation
  • Property law practice.

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