Fake or Original | How Do I know That My Android Phone is Original?

The mobile market is filled with a lot of fake phones and they are selling them as original with branded tags beside it, many people in Nigeria has fallen victim to such kind of scam phones and this has prompt me to write on how to identify original Android Phones.

These are the two way to identify original phones.

Check List  On  Identifying an Original Andriod Phone

Physical Brand Checks

Firstly be careful of the spelling of such branded phone if correct insist on buying a phone that has at least 6 to 12 months warranty from the seller not an  of an oral agreement with the seller another but from thee manufacturer.

IMEI  Checks

The second method is to check the IMEI number which simply IMEI stands for international mobile equipment identity this is a 15 digit number that can be found in the pack of mobile phones it may be also be found by removing the back cover of the phone or taking off the battery.

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To get your IMEI number you can also dial *#06# ensure it corresponds with the one at the pack

Now after dialling the code take a look at the 7th and 8th digit if the 7th and 8th digit are 00 this indicates that a mobile phone is manufactured in an original factory and ensures the best quality.

If the 7th and 8th digit are 01 or 10 this  indicates that your phone is manufactured in Finland which is high quality,

If 7th and 8th digit is 13 this indicates that your cellphone is assembled in Azerbaijan which is poor quality and is dangerous.

If the 7th and 8th digit is either 20 or 02 this indicates that your phone is assembled in the Emirates which is also poor quality.

If the 7th and 8th digit is either 03 or 30  this is a clear indication that your phone is made in China which is of good quality but not as those the original factory or from Finland.

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If the 7th and 8th digit are either 05 or 50 this is a clear indication that the phone is manufactured in Brazil, USA or Finland.

If the 7th and 8th digit is either  06 or 60 indicate that is cell phone is either manufactured in Hong Kong, Mexico or China


if the 7th or 8th digit is either 08 or 80 this indicates that your phone is manufactured in Germany which is average quality.

Also in addition to checking the originality of your phone using the IMEI website site–>http://imei.info to verify the authenticity of your phone, enter your  IMEI number and the phone specification will be displayed on the site.

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