Jumia Black Friday 2017-Amazing Deals,Discount and Offers

Jumia black Friday 2017 is on it’s way, and just already there is a lot of fuss about it.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the 4th Thursday of November). Since the year 1952, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S.

This has become a global celebration as prices of goods on  e-commerce site are slashed by half their prices, some product are even discounted at an all time low(unimaginable) price.

Jumia, Africa’s Biggest E-commerce store have joined this trend 3 years ago,and this year we would be having  Jumia black Friday 2017.

On Jumia black Friday 2017 , jumia would offer you the best deal on their products.

Now the question arises.

When is jumia Black Friday 2017?

Black is not just any Friday, it falls on the last Friday of every month in November.
Last year, the black Friday was November 27th, but this year’s is on November 24th which is the last Friday of the month.
The promotion of this year’s deal of discount will kick start from November 13th down to 13th of December 2017.

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How can i make money from Jumia black Friday 2017?jumia black friday

You know that you can make a chunk of money from  Jumia on black Friday?

Wait, I’m not talking of debris  here. As a matter of fact, you can make huge profits from the jumia black Friday 2017.

You should know that this is not some quick rich scheme.

Nevertheless, if you take advantage of the Jumia black Friday sales you can make a meager fortune off it.

Here’s a simple break down of how you can make money from it:

On black Friday, most of the products will go on sale for half their original price, some products on flash sale may even be sold at 90% discount.

Now, you can buy most products at half their price, some may even sell for less.

You can buy marketable products in bulk and resell them at their normal price.

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Go for marketable products cause you wouldn’t want to buy just any product and end up biting the dust.

To avoid such loss, buy products you can sell eventually without much.

Products in the electronic category such as phones, tablets, Pc accessories tend to have a high market demand which makes it easy to sell.

Finally ensure you have been saving up some cash specially for this day,narrow your list of marketable products, have a good internet connection and be smart enough to know what you need.


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