How To Get HTTPS On Your Site on Namecheap

One good thing about SSL (secured socket layer)  is that it is quite easy to install. If you try accessing your site via “https” now you would get an error, because SSL hasn’t been installed. Nevertheless, you need not worry as the process of installation is easy and most times your web-host help in doing this for you.

For your site to have the best security, SSL certificate requires your site to have its own dedicated IP,most smaller shared hosting puts your shared IP where multiple users are using the same location, an affordable host i recommend  any-day is Namecheap.

After you have purchased SSL and the certificate has been activated and issued to you by the certificate authority, you can now proceed with it’s deployment.

  • Log into your cpanel account with your username and password.
  • Locate and click on SSl/TLS Manager in the security section.



Click on Manage SSL SITES under the install and manage SSL for your website option.


Copy the certificate code you received from the Certificate authority after purchase and paste it in the certificate field on the next page.


  • Click on the Auto Fill by Certificate button which appears next to the certificate entered.
  • Copy and paste the chain of intermediate certificate to the certificate authority bundle box if its not filled already, this is to enable you use the certificate for mail servers, then check the “Enable SNI for Mail Services”. 
  • Then click on “Install Certificate” button.

Congrats the certificate is now installed and you can now access your site  via https.


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