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How to block Porn on internet connected devices.

no porn

  Ever worked passed your child and he/she quickly turn off the computer or quickly exit a webpage. The internet has lots of information,  which can help with better advancement or lead to potential harm. A parent usually…

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How to Fix Unfortunately Camera Has Stopped in Android Devices.

unfortunately camera stopped in andriod

The camera of a smartphone plays an indispensable role, without the camera we would be unable to capture special moments and many won’t even mind disposing of the phone. It has come to my notice that many android…

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Check Your Bank Verification Number(BVN) Online With Your Mobile Phone.

check bvn online with your mobile phone

Before you figure on how to check  BVN online, how about we discover what precisely BVN is. Bank Verification Number otherwise called BVN is an 11 digit number. The BVN fills in as your  ID in every one…

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How To Transfer Money With Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

fidelity bank transfer code

The stress encountered at the ATM stand can be so frustrating combined with the waste of valued time. Most businessmen and women spend hours at the ATM just to make an important transfer, but since the advent banks…

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Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy With The Yahoo Boy Format.

scam people

The proliferation of Yahoo-Yahoo boys (popularly known as G-boys) in Nigeria and their flashy lifestyle, has lead many astray to search online for recent yahoo boy formats to scam people via the internet. I wrote this article because…

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NNU Income Program Registration – Make Passive income in Nigeria Online.

nnu registration

Want an extra source of income stream online? It doesn’t matter who you are or your business, you can add an online source of income to generate more money. The best program is at your doorstep, sincerely NNU INCOME…

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BuyPower.Ng -A Solution That Lets You Buy Electric Unit for Your Prepaid Meter Online.


Buy power.ng an innovative online payment system allows you to purchase electricity unit anywhere, anytime in Nigeria, using an internet enabled device. This innovation saves time whenever you want to recharge your prepaid metre. You can start making…

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How To Create a Website| An Easy Step by Step Tutorial.

how to create a website

Following the calls from readers in respect to my Article on “how to scam people(Yahoo boy format)online and make money“ Many have shown interest in the aspects  of learning website designing and I have decided to make the…

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How to Register your Business in Nigeria

business identification

Everyone is always talking about opening a business in Nigeria but no one is talking about how to register a business in Nigeria, it’s a must to register your business if you want to run a legally and…

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How do I access deleted whatsapp messages?

access deleted whatsapp messages

This is one of whatsapp anticipated feature. This feature was rolled out few weeks ago but unfortunately, the recall feature isn’t as reliable as it looks . Last month whatsapp introduced a “delete for everyone feature” allowing users…

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How To Check Your Airtel and Other Networks Night Data Balance.

How To Check Your Airtel and Other Networks Night Data Balance.

Airtel night plans allows you to browse during the late night hours. Airtel undoubtedly offers the cheapest midnight browsing tariff one can think of in Nigeria. The normal code used to know your Airtel balance do not seems…

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How to Know a Real Seller from a Scammer on Olx and Jiji

protect scam on olx jiji

This article is intended to help classified ads users to distinguish between a scammer when you want to purchase of an item whether used or new. We are not oblivious of the fact that in any booming business…

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