How to Subscribe MTN,AIRTEL,GLO OR 9MOBILE night Data Plans.


subscribe for mtn night planDo you crave to enjoy fast undisturbed browsing on MTN,GLO,AIRTEL AND 9MOBILE at night?

Subscribe for mtn night plan,glo,airtel or 9mobile to enjoy this awesome benefit.

There are so many advantages of using night data plans subscriptions because network issues are usually minimal unlike the day when there are  lots of data transfer from people downloading heavy file down to making calls everywhere which makes the network very slow.

Night plan subscription is very beneficial for heavy downloaders, such as people who download seasonal movies, software for mobile and computers.

Now the important part is that these plans are usually very affordable, and would work on Pc’s and all mobile phones.

How to Subscribe MTN,AIRTEL,GLO OR 9MOBILE night Data Plans.

Here below is a table showing different plans on each network and there respective subscription codes.


Network Pricing Subscription Codes Data Value Time Frame
MTN ₦25 Night to 131 500MB 12AM -4AM
AIRTEL ₦25/₦200 *312# 500MB/1.5GB 12AM -5AM
GLO ₦200 *127*60# 1GB 12AM -5AM
9MOBILE ₦200 *229*3*11#   1GB 12AM -5AM
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Note:All data are only valid for the specified time frame, there is no rollover of data till the next night so ensure to maximize the data by waking up early

i have successfully covered how to subscribe to the major network providers in Nigeria for night browsing.Hope this is helpful?


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