How to Play Bet9ja: Registration, Login, Mobile app

Bet9ja is one of Nigeria famous betting website. And this is because there’s hardly a place you’ll ever go to Nigeria without seeing one of its agent shop. Near its various shops in the country, you’ll see punters discussing predictions and betting codes.

Nevertheless, there’s a large volume of people who have no idea on how to play bet9ja. And I presume they wish they did. In this article, I’ve set the pace for in-depth learning of the basics on how to play bet9ja, excluding that, you’ll also learn about the various opportunities to make money from bet9ja website.

Absolutely everything’s covered in this article!

Bet9ja is being administrated and a trademark of KC gaming network limited. This is why this betting site gained popularity and millions of users over the years.

Bet9ja is owned by a Nigerian called, Kunle Soname, and the company is duly registered and licensed under the Lagos State Lottery Board.

how to play bet9ja

There’s satisfaction in betting on bet9ja. And the only reason for such satisfaction from its customers is because bet9ja project transparency, pay winnings promptly. That does not mean there aren’t shortcomings of playing bet9ja, especially people who’ve fallen in certain debts playing this game. So, in essence, it’s a game of risk.

How to Register on Bet9ja

In order to play bet9ja, you need to have a duly registered account. It’s simple, fast, and easy. I’ll also be discussing the welcome bonus and how to claim your bet9ja promo code.

Here’s a guide on registering;

  1. First of all, you’ll have to visit the bet9ja Home Page
  2. Click the registration button
  3. Type in your email address and required information.
  4. Type in an optional bet9ja promo code
  5. Press REGISTER (its bolded)
  6. Then you’re all set and have  opened an account on Bet9ja

Bet9ja also permits its new bettors consumers to use the Bet9ja promo code to complete the registration process, which also allows you to claim the much-acclaimed welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus

As a new bettor, you’re entitled to a welcome bonus of 100,000 Naira when done making an initial deposit and qualified your bets.

The registration bet9ja account bonus is a 100%  deposit bonus for consumers living in Nigeria.

Please, do also use the bet9ja promo code when registering.

Mobile App Registration

The rules in registering and how to play on the bet9ja website are still the same for the mobile app. But as a mobile user, you must download the app for either Android or IOS, depending on your particular software. When done completing the registration process, you can then have access to make a bet in bet9ja.

Deposit Process

When playing  bet9ja, you have many banking deposit alternatives, which include credit and debit bank cards, bank transfer, and e-wallets.

An initial deposit activates your welcome bonus offer when done with registering on the bet9ja account. Deposit made on bet9ja are instant as long as it is successful, and no fees included when making withdrawals. You must open an account with bet9ja before thinking of ever making deposits.

How to play bet9ja

Once you’ve followed all instructions on opening an account on the bet9ja platform and made your deposits, then you can bet . Bet9ja is known to offer odds and over 30 sports and a variety of in-play and pre-match markets.

There’re also many betting alternatives, but the popular one is, Accumulator, and the single bet.


This way of playing bet9ja is similar to placing bets on single bets. One exception is, as more selections are added to the Betslip, the probably combined chances also appear. All you have to do is enter the stake and kind of bet, and click BET . It immediately confirms and deducts from your bet9ja account balance.

Or to better understand it, here’s a second view on how to play on bet9ja;

  1. Deposit 100 Naira
  2. Play sequence with selecting your game
  3. You can choose from Tennis, soccer, spin and win, basketball, Live, League.
  4. When done making your selection, then you’ll need to choose the geographical location.
  5. Then choose a bet
  6. Choose one of the odds.
  7. You may choose various odds if you wish to have the best.
  8. After that, proceed by following the Betslip instructions.
  9. Then you’ll be automatically referred to a new page; this is the place to confirm your bets.
  10. All you need to do in that section is to select the amount of money you had placed on your bet.
  11. Then wait patiently, till your bet is entirely made and the scores of your chance are given

Single Bet

For this option, you’ll have to navigate the event market; this is a place to make your bet. Then select the odds for one particular outcome, and the Betslip is shown.

You’ll have to enter the amount of the bet, and for a few markets, you can place a win. Once the needed fields have been duly entered, click BET and press confirmation; with this, the bet9ja account balance is automatically updated.


How do I book a bet on Bet9ja?

Here are 12 simple steps;

  1. Proceed to the website (
  2. If you already have an account, do not log into your account
  3. Now make the selections you wish to place your bet on
  4. Proceed by clicking on the “BET” button
  5. Copy the booking number
  6. Press the “BOOK A BET” icon, which is from the top menu.
  7. Do paste the booking number
  8. Press “BOOK BET”
  9. Type in your email address and press “SEND OR PRINT”
  10. Visit the bet9ja shop and shop
  11. Now, you can show your booked bet confirmation (it can be either a print out or email)
  12. Do make your payment and the bet is immediately processed by the cashier


Wrap Up

How to play bet9ja and win, it absolutely up  how good you are with sports and prediction. First things first, you’ll need to register on the website to have your account. when you have the account, you’ll need to fill it with your deposit. There’re various alternatives available for you to make deposits and even make withdrawals. And the minimal sum to make deposits is just, 100 Naira.

When all is done, you begin to place your bets and win. Do not forget, that the more bets you play, the greater are your chances of winning.




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