How to mointor someone’s whatsapp messages like a boss

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In this 21st century, information is the most powerful tool in regards of the sector you belong.If you have the right information at your disposal,you would remain in charge and powerful.

Today, am sharing how one can keep a close eye on loved ones(kids,wife,husband) or maybe a cheating girlfriend.

Note:What am about to show you should not be used for illegal purposes as i would not be held responsible for any fatal consequences.

The WhatsApp app is one of the most popular instant Messaging platform in the world and has lot of people using it including students, Business men e.t.c.

From a quick guess, i know that whatsApp is already installed in your phone.

So how do i monitor a user’s whatsApp?

WhatsApp clone allows you to run two whatsApp on your smartphone (your’s and someone else).With whatsApp clone you would automatically receive a user’s message without them knowing.

Features of the WhatsApp Clone

  • Work acount can be cloned to your personal mobile or tablet,
  • Dual usage of two whatsApp account on same mobile.
  • WhatsApp clone can be secured with a password.
  • You can easily get to know what your kids are up to or even catch a cheating partner.

Where can i download whatsApp clone?

You can download whatsApp clone by simply clicking the link here.

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Instructions on how to use whatsApp clone?

  • After download the app install it in your smartphone.
  • Enter a new password(this is optional).
  • Open the whatsapp clone, where you would see a QR code.
  • Open the phone you intend to monitor then navigate to menu–> whatsApp web.
  • Scan the QR code of the phone you intend to monitor.
    And holala!!! all messages will be loaded on your own device. monitor spouse
    and you can start monitoring the person.


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