How to fix-Unfortunately Camera Has Stopped in Android Devices.

unfortunately camera stopped in andriodThe camera of a smartphone plays an indispensable role, without the camera we would  be unable to capture special moments and many wont even mind disposing the phone.It has come to my notice that many android users are experiencing the issue of “unfortunately, camera has stopped”. which can be very frustrating.
Regardless of the smart phone, one of the listed solutions will work on how to fix the issue.

Solution 1:  Restart the phone

Restarting the phone can fix simple app glitches such has hanging, not responding etc. Once you restart and the same camera issue continues, then move over to solution two.

Solution 2: Clear The Camera Cache Files

Your camera caches store files which helps the camera to work faster. But if the cache files are corrupted, it will be popping out error which won’t let you use your camera or taking time to load when you attempt to open it.

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Go to the Settings menu of your device.
Click on Apps sections >>Application manager
Swipe to the left of your screen till you are under the “All” tab.
Now look for camera and tap on it
Tap on Force Stop to end the application
Then tap on Clear Cache
The cache files will be deleted, you can then open your camera again to check if its been fixed.

Solution 3: Clear The Camera Data Files

Data files will not delete your photos but you’ll only loose your personal settings for the app.
how to clear camera and data files on android

Go to the Settings menu of the device >>Application Manager.
Swipe to go to the “All Tab” and then tap on Camera
Tap on Clear Data to delete all the data files linked to the camera app.
Once the data files are deleted, open your camera app again and see if the error has been fixed.


Solution 4: Delete the Cache and Data Files for the Gallery App

Deleting the cache and data files of the gallery app can be helpful in finding out if the gallery app was the culprit.
From the Settings menu, go to Application Manager
Swipe through the tabs to go to “All” tabs
Look for Gallery and tap on it.
Tap on Force Stop
Now Tap on Clear Cache to clear the cache
Then tap on Clear Data to wipe the data files for Gallery
Confirm by Tapping on OK
Restart your device and check if the error has been fixed.

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Solution 5: Fix it Through Safe Mode

Safe mode most times helps you to trouble shoot your device to know exactly what is wrong with it. You can boot your device into safe mode and see if the camera app open effectively without any error; if it does, then it must be a third party app installed that is interfering with your camera app.
To boot into safe mode,
Press and hold the Power key
This will bring up the Power options for your device
Now press and hold the Power Off option from the menu on your screen.
Continue pressing it till you get a pop-up box
You will be asked if you want to restart the device in Safe Mode.
Tap OK
Once you are done trouble shooting, reboot it back into normal mode and uninstall all third party apps recently installed.

Solution 6: Factory Reset Your Device

Factory reset will bring your device back to the initial state. You’ll loose all your data, pictures, music, videos… I mean everything including third party applications. Before you proceed, back up all your documents, pictures, videos or music on Google drive or somewhere else aside of you smartphone.

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Once you are done, proceed with the reset
Go to the Settings>> Additional Settings
Tap on Backup and Reset
Check the box next to backup to back-up your data on your Google account
Tap on Factory data reset to reset
Tap Reset phone.
how to factory reset your android phone

Your smartphone will be restore back to the initial state and everything will be back to normal.


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