How To Customize Your WordPress Site.

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Having followed the guide keenly on how to create a simple blog in minutes, the next thing you would  be considering is how to customize our blog.

Firstly you need to bee conversant with the wordpress dashboard which can be logged in via (

1 Themes

Now this is the first thing that would be on your mind, how you would quickly make your interface look unique and stand out.

Customizing the user interface of your wordpress depends largely on your theme, the wordpress theme comes in two types-Premium theme which is paid for and free themes.

The most popular premium theme provider is Themeforest.

To get started using themes, login to your site admin’s dashboard select appearance on the side menu and  click theme.

By default wordpress comes with two the of which you can switch at intervals. Many users wouldn’t like to use the default theme so free themes could come in  handy. On the top select add new button any  you would be taken to a page where you  see different themes. WordPress like i said has a vast repository of extension, you would be amazed at the numerous amount of themes you do find there.

2 Post

Post the very essence of you setting up your blog.

When you open the Posts tab on the left of your Dashboard, you see all the posts you have on your site. When editing a post, you can choose one of the post types in the panel on the right, for example, “gallery” or “quote”.

In the post content window, you can add texts and media. There are two editing formats available – Visual and Text. The visual mode will be perfect for beginners. However, if you know a little HTML, try switching to the Text mode where you can fine-tune the format with HTML markup.

If you wish to see how your work looks on the front-end, you can click on the Preview button to see it. If you accidentally saved the unwanted changes, you can always restore the previous revision of your content. In the panel on the right, you can also add tags and assign posts to certain categories.

3 page

Pages are a little bit different from a post


  • pages do not have categories.
  • post can be displayed on pages but not vice versa.
  • you can set a page to front page in the settings tab.
  • a page can be a child or parent to other page  this helps to inherit  settings from parent to child.
  • the option to change template exist for a page and this defines what the page looks like.

4 Setting Up Post Categories

Categories are  different sections of your blog post they may include technology, politics, lifestyle etc

Setting up categories is easy, click on post and you would see a drop down, Next click on categories and add one defining its description also.

5 Menus

The menu is found in  the appearance  tab,the menu is one of the first thing a visitor looks at.

In wordpress managing your navigation is as easy has abc.

You can add menus, delete or customize existing ones with the help of menus.

The good thing is that you can not only add a page but also categories, custom links etc.


6 Starting with plugins

The widget functionality is  also found in the appearance tab.

Plugins are extensions that increase wordpress functionality. WordPress by default have limited plugins, for instance you want to add a contact form . spam eradicator or maybe an advanced search bar, plugins come in handy. There are thousands of wordpress plugins in wordpress repository – Paid and free just like themes.

To get nice paid wordpress plugins  codecayon happens to be top of the league.

7 WIdgets

A widget is a small block that performs a specific function. Most commonly they are located in the side bar which are widget ready area on your page.

You can also display widget in custom widget areas with the help of plugins. This places can be found in the header or footer of your site.

For instance you have a plugin that helps extend wordpress functionality to show recent post or even a contact form, with widgets you can puts such plugins in specified area of your site.


8 Media Library

One awesome thing with wordpress is how easy it is to access the site media.

In the media, you can upload photos, videos,and mp3. you can add these using the “add a media ”  click on the button while in post or page to get a direct URL of the file, to edit its title, alternative text or description.


9 Customize

The customize tab is where you can easily change the current theme, layout, background of the theme your are currently using. Some paid theme have the customization tab different from customize, some come in form of “theme options” or the”theme’s name” which you would clearly see upon activation.


8 Editor

For those familiar with  CSS and PHP, wordpress allows you to edit through your site admin panel.You can locate the editor through the appearance menu.


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