How To Create A Simple Blog with WordPress.

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Starting a blog is the easiest way to share your ideas and expertise with the world.

And if you want to, you can use it to promote your business—or make money straight from the blog.

Fortunately, in 2017, making a blog is easier as making a cup of coffee.

It used to require lots of coding skills: HTML, CSS AND PHP, but today starting a blog can be as simple as creating a document in Word. That is, if you have simple instructions to follow.

Before you own a blog there are basic things you need to know-

  • Domain name (your blog address)
  • Hosting   (your webspace)
  • Cms Preferably (wordpress,tumblr,blogger)i would frankly suggest wordpress has this is the best blogging platform.

With the idea of these you could create a blog in minutes.

What is a domain name??

A domain name is the address of your blog.A domain name ( will cost around $10/year (we talk about this later).

what is hosting?
Hosting is more like you buy a space on the internet, you will also need to pay for this and this cost a little amount of money depending on the host. you can find list of hosting provider which you can use here.

What is a Cms? (content management system)

In simple term, Cms is the engine of your blog. In this case our preferred cms is wordpress,why wordpress???

  • wordpress is free.
  • they have a super support forum
  • they have a vast repository of free plugins and themes.
  • 60% of site on the web is hosted on wordpress.
  • wordpress is dynamic and can integrate with many plaforms.


So how do i get my blog started in minutes?

You would need to get a domain name and your choice is important  because:

  • It’s your “first impression” to website visitors.
  • It affects your rankings in search engines.
  • It defines your brand.

With that in mind, you should put some thought into your domain name, but not too much. If you come up with something you like within 5 minutes, give it a go. (You can change it later).

Now surf to Bluehost or [eafl id=”2198″ name=”Namecheap” text=”Namecheap”] and search for your domain, if it’s available it would indicate “domain name available”, next is to proceed to get a hosting,This enable others see your domain name.

Choosing your host is one of the most important aspect of creating your blog.

Bad web hosts cause most of the issues people have related to their blog. For example, unhelpful customer service and hidden fees are quite common…

Many cheap hosts also overuse servers to cut their costs—and that leads to your site potentially not working just because many people are visiting some other site. Only some cheaper hosts control the resources well, so that your website always works right.

I highly recommend using or [eafl id=”2198″ name=”Namecheap” text=””] as your host.

Now after you made purchase for your domain name and hosting.  An email would be sent to your mail which would contain your cpanel details, this details is what you use in accessing your hosting space.

Note accessing cpanel varies for different web hosting companies and this would be stated in the mail which your receive.

After login into your personal webspace you will need to install wordpress and luckily  Bluehost and Namecheapoffer one click install making it easier for you.


Click on wordpress install, this leads you to the next page where you can choose your blog address. I recommend using your root domain ( not (, so just leave the field on the right empty, you would recieve a success message that your site has been installed.

Kindly login to your blog via ( you should see a sample blog.

You can access your blog admin page via (  you would receive a welcome message upon login in as admin, After browsing around for a few minutes, its should be fairly intuitive as major option are clearly seen on the sidebar.

Now huddle passed and you now got a live blog. Next is  how to customize your blog and this would be featured in my next article.




Oyinkuro is a freelance writer, website designer and internet marketer. He is the very guy who believes he can do much and accomplish higher heights by steady learning and application.



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