How to Correct the HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress

When working with images in WordPress, it is possible that you get an error when uploading to your site.

This error is a rather vague HTTP error. This can leave you puzzled as to how to fix this. Here i would show you how to correct the error in your WordPress site.

Correcting the HTTP Upload Error

Firstly i would advice you clear  your browser cache as i notice this is very peculiar with chrome browsers, or better try changing your browser.

If the problem persist you should try this method.

Log into your cPanel dashboard.
Using the file manager, navigate to your WordPress site's root directory.
Locate and open the .htaccess file for editing.
Add the following line of code at the top of the file:


Save the changes to the .htaccess file.


You should be able to upload on your site now with no issue.

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