How to Check if a Company is Registered in Nigeria

The corporate affairs commission  has a search engine for registered businesses.
You might have wondered if you can confirm  whether  company is legitimate?

So before you sign a check or go into business dealings with a company it is important to confirm if the company in question is registered or legitimate to operate on Nigerian soil.

The splendid news is that you can  run a check on a company’s information if right from your sitting room and guess what it is free of charge!!!

How to check if a company is registered with CAC?

To  confirm if company is registered company is registered with CAC kindly  [check company  here]

search business name

You will be presented with a form to fill, simply type in the name of the company you intend getting information about then click the captcha to confirm you are not a robot and submit.

You will be shown the status of the company if it is registered under going registration or returns empty if the company does not exist.

Known for its slow pace in registering business names offline this new feature offered by the corporate affairs commission would be an effective tool.

it is important to note that this feature is cost-effective as it replaces the old method that requires that you pay a fee of 500 naira for a search to be conducted.

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