How Does Google Know If You Clicked On Own Ads


If you are new to ad-sense and not earning few dollars a day you would definitely be tempted to click on your own ad which violates google’s policies.



Please do not try this a home or at your place of work.


I’m sure that you will try to go to Internet Cafes or change your IP address just to click the ads on your Website, Not knowing that Google is very intelligent enough to track you.
So how exactly would google know you are clicking on your ads?

1 Having too many clicks with low traffic

Too many clicks in your ads can cause your adsense to be disabled while having a low traffic ratio. For example, if you have only 10 visitors a day and you got 5 or more than clicks,a cheat just got found.

2. No Referral Pages

If you directly enter your site in your address bar and click on your ads this is very obvious that your are cheating and could lead to getting banned.

3. Not related ad clicks

This is also suspicious, If you get too many clicks that are not related to your website or blog post, this can also result to ban.

4. Duration of Visitor

Google knows how long your visitors stays in your site. if a user just enters a site and move to click on an ad this is very obvious that something fishy is going on.

5.Google know your devices and ip address

Am pretty much sure you already know this,clicks coming from same device or ip can result to immediate ban.

When click your ad (a “packet”) is sent from your computer to the computer hosting the website (the server). It says hello I’m computer X at address Z could you please send me a copy of file C that you’re hosting and the google servers gets involve in the process because you are also requesting info from their sever.
Your computer’s exact location is given numerous times as you hit the DNS(Domain Name Server) and the packet gets bounced around the net. Then, as a copy of the file is sent back to you in 100s or 1000s or even 10,000 packets are all sent back to your computer  and you get the copy of the file c you requested -A webpage,video, a link etc.

Each packet had to find your computer else you wouldn’t see the page or ad.

Now that you know this. How hard do you think it would be to see that the computer that called the site is also the site owner?

Now if you want to cheat you could go to a series of different computers and click on the ads on your site. That’s time consuming. What about site clicking farms or you asking your friend to click your ads?. Google will easily be able to tell if you are clicking on a friends ads and he is clicking on yours. How? Cause a legitimate user will actually stay for a period of time at the site clicked on as stated before. There is an average time, and an average amount of pages that the avg user sees. In addition the average user only clicks on so many ads per session. If you make a business clicking on ads you will easily be found.

If you go to your office and click on your site once you never be found. If you think that you can go to work everyday, click on ads on your site once in the morning and once in the evening you will be found after a while.

okay lets imagine this, a person thinks he’s wise, goes to the cafe goes to each of his sites, clicks on an ad in each one, immediately going to the next site and then leaves the cafe. Do you think this sort of activity is typical millions of users?


Conclusion: Don’t ever click on your ads, whether from your pc or not.

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