Get Your Payoneer MasterCard Delivered To You Free Of Charge

Payoneer MasterCardPayoneer MasterCard is an international card issued to it’s users free of charge. Payoneer support 200 countries, so your location doesn’t really matter.
The payoneer master card issued,is kind of different from the one issue to you by your local banks.

Why Payoneer?

With payoneer Master card you can receive payment from thousands of companies abroad.

if you do have a payoneer card you can withdraw from your local ATM money you have earned online, This actually is the best feature of payoneer, in essence you actually do not require a bank to withdraw your money,charges are moderate,for ATM withdrawals, a $1.35 would be charged in the U.SA and a $2.50 for countries outside the U.S.A.

Please note that fees by ATM service provider will also apply.

This card is absolutely free of charge and would be delivered to your office or house address.

Payoneer is compatible with paypal, you can link your paypal account and continue your transactions online with no issue involve.
its is even more convenient has this card would work on most online shopping site with no monthly restriction of $100 dollar.
As a payoneer user you can add your bank account detail and receive money directly.

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As long has you intend buying stuffs online you surely need a payoneer Mastercard.

Get one for yourself today by clicking here

After signing up your card would be delivered to you without you paying a dime within weeks.

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