The Difference Between An Automobile(car) Battery and an Inverter Battery

Have come across many people who tend to use a car battery to supply voltage to their inverter systems. Even some inverter technicians in the field are also not too clear about the issue, which is why am writing this article as am about to build another inverter.

many people tend to use a car battery to supply voltage to their inverter systems.

To spot the difference between the two types of battery we need to look at the properties of both as technicians are also oblivious of it.

The automotive battery has a number of lead plates as against the inverter battery which help facilitate a quick and large amount of power output during a car engine start. It gives a large amount of power for a few seconds to help start up the engine, but not continuously, whereas the inverter battery gives a steady power output over a long period.

Difference between an car battery and an Inverter battery

Deep Cycle Batteries

The inverter battery is normally called deep cycle batteries. The plates in such battery would not get easily damaged in deep discharge condition, unlike the automobile battery which is quite different, if an automobile battery is deeply discharged the lead plates could get damage and would thus lead to a corresponding decrease in its life span.

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