How Copying And Pasting Do Your Site Harm?

Duplicate content on the net without getting republishing rights from the original author or  giving credit to the author is very rampant and common, especially  with entertainment bloggers, i personally  call it the ctrl c +v disease.

The only initially benefit that you will receive is the traffic your site would be getting and this is not certain.

Copying and Pasting blogger usually are at high risk of parking up in the near future because the blogging career becomes  “not lucrative” with the reason mentioned below

Google dislike Cheats

Google the world’s largest search engine dislike copy and paste site, with its complex algorithm, google is able to know the original content author.

If you are a copy and direct paste blogger without even editing, yours is even worst as google sees the text copied as that of the original author and this is called plagiarism.

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By definition wikipedia  stated it as “wrongful appropriation” and stealing of  another author’s thought and ideas and representing them as yours.

Google in essence sees you as a “thief” and you would never rank you high, if you got adsense on your site- you risk losing it, if you are not yet approved sorry bro, you are going to remain in that state for a long  time.

Lacks Professionalism

No two people can write the same thing, with same expressions and feelings, Imagine an internet user searched on google and sees your site among duplicate content ranking just at the bottom,there is a tendency to view your site has upcoming, probability of visiting your site becomes  verylow.

No adverts For you:

Original content writers always rank better on SEO, so advertiser tend to chose them over you,the tendency for an advertiser to showcase his product or services and get you paid is very slim if your work is just  to CTRL C and CTRL V.

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Advertisers do not pluck money from a money tree.The want a high ROI.

No advert for you  equals no money from your blog.

Disregarding author’s labor

Imagine the tables are turned, you spend several sleepless night, composing,researching, correcting and then publishing. Only to wake up and see another person has copied your content word for word without any credit accredited to you, how hurtful can this become?



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