Classified Battle: Olx vs Jiji which is a better Option

Olx vs jiji which is better? This is a major question for classified advertisers. This Article is intended for people who do paid listing on either platforms.

Olx and jiji has dominated the classified market that even  efritin a newcomer could not cope in the fierce competition.

Now let take a look at a few comparison of this two classified site while you make your own choice.

Domain Age

Domain age play a vital role in the popularity of a site.Olx  Nigeria which was formerly tradestable is far older than jiji. As of writing this Article olx Nigeria was 6 years and 11 months while jiji was 2 years 10 months old.

Traffic and Ranking

In terms of traffic the snapshot is a preview of their statistic and worth, olx Nigeria has a daily visitor of abort 11,614 and rank 66 in Nigeria.olx ranking

olx visitor and worth


while jiji on the other hand ranked 43 in Nigeria and have  21,120 daily unique visitor which is almost twice as much of olx.jiji ranking

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jiji worth and vistors


This overtake of Olx was as a result of scam listing which olx initially did not take into consideration  and curb out but jiji did, and this singular act boosted users confidence which in turn means more traffic.

Customer Support

What about customer care support? jiji by far beat olx. The customer care(Your personal account manager) of jiji classified would tend to call a user from time to time to ensure he’s not getting trouble with the platform,This Olx  Nigeria is trying to adopt but failing woefully.


Jiji and olx from my observation take its users advert seriously. They help users not just adverting on their platform but also extending their tentacles to Facebook and Google to reach out to more potential buyers. Jiji in this aspect also beats olx as one tends to see more jiji paid advert than olx when surfing Facebook or the internet has a whole.

The table bellow show a personal Review.

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Domain Age 6years +  2 years +
Customer support Average Excellent
Ranking 66 42
Unique Visitor 11,614 21,120
Cost of advert Slightly expensive but Varies for categories Moderate

The ball is in your court dear advertiser, with the statistics, Olx is gradually heading for the drain has jiji have taken over The classified market.

From my own perspective i think Olx need to put in strong measure to reduce scam to the barest minimum and also increase user experience via their support.

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