How To Check Your Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel And Mtn Mobile Number

You probably might face the dilema, where you forgot your phone number , you purchase a new SIM not quite long or  you have so many sim cards and could not memorize all the number.

how to check mtn 9mobile airtel and glo number

It is not uncommon for subscribers to have many sim in Nigeria, due to the bad network service therefore in order to overcome this challenge subscriber seems to have more than one sim.
Having more than one sim have its own shortcomings, it is prone to misplacement and subscribers tend not to memorize or their numbers, it also comes with many advantages as one can easily enjoy benefits or promos from each network.

Today I will be showing you how you could check your mobile number on Glo ,Airtel Etisalat and Mtn network.


How to check your Glo number

In order for you to check your glo number simply dial *135*8# or  1244   on your Glo line.

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How to check your Airtel number

To check your Airtel phone number simply dial *121# from the intending Airtel line, an onscreen options which will be in a dialogue box  would show up.Select 1 from my account, select 1 once more to review your number.

How to check your 9mobile number

In order to check your 9mobile number simply dial *248# and your number would show up.

How to check your Mtn number

In order to check your mtn phone number from  your phone dial *123#  an onscreen option would be presented, select 1 and send  which is  account information, select 1 once again to redeem your number.

I want to believe that this post was helpful in checking your phone number easily, please kindly share with your friends who  might most likely need it.

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