Tips to consider when making purchase of a used or Belgium phones

buy used phonesThe recent skyrocket in price of premium phones in Nigeria has lead many to resort to buying fairly used phones or as it is fondly called Belgium phones.
In Nigeria the mobile market is top selling both in used and new phones, years back Nokia java and Symbian used phones ruled the market but those are bygones; Android is here to stay.

Top selling brands in the used phone category include Samsung- which is by far the most common, tecno,infinix, Htc and innjoo.
Back to the topic on board, when buying a used phone there are major criteria such a phone should at least meet before bringing out your hard earn money to make a purchase, am putting this piece all together so you also would not fall  prey to scammers- as i have fallen  victim to such scam .

Firstly we need to understand the category of used phones that exist when we want to make a purchase, because it has come to my notice that people who tend to buy used phones are usually in a hurry and tend to loose money in buying substandard or imitation phones from a vendor.

Key things you need to look out for include;

The Ram

The Ram signifies random access memory this comes in different size and a major determinant of the phones speed, This is totally different from the main storage.

You can check this by clicking the menu icon on the home screen, locate settings->storage and click on it and check RAM and other available info, For newer android OS click on settings and locate about,also those going for Belgium phone be well aware that you could check the ram of your phone and it might say 2GB but in reality its 512MB ,it was actually deliberately downgraded by imitation Chinese companies to cut cost,You can checkmate this  by using the phone yourself with so many applications on and consistently watch the speed.

The Physical Appearance

The neatness of the phone really should not be of major concern to you has this can be bypassed by changing the casing, rather try as much to observe if the case is original, if it is, it invariably means that the phone might still be in a perfect state, do not be deceived by the outward appearance.

The Internal Memory

This aspect is very important as this determine how much things your phone  would be able to accommodate before echoing “Insufficient space”.

I recall when i went to buy the Infinix note 3 in garrison, port Harcourt (i was scammed) the internal memory was just 4GB and RAM of 512MB as against 16GB and 2GB respectively, but with an excellent glowing physical appearance can you imagine?.

When i noticed these shortcomings, i tried returning the phone but neither did i know that phones where not returnable, oh! My hand earn money just into the drain for some downgraded phone.

In-order to check mate the internal size of the phone and not get scammed like i was, ensure you connect the phone to a laptop and check the size as this cannot be hidden from from it, unless maybe the laptop is also fake. LOL!

Other Accessories:

These include the speakers of the phone, the mouth piece, the charging port,the screen if broken or malfunctioning, Bluetooth, the 3G network(very intrinsic),WI-fi and most importantly the Camera. You have to bear in mind that most used phones do not carry a warranty, so you need to shine you eyes  and take your time when verifying the properties.

Note: Avenues  where used phones are sold is usually a den of cultist and Thieves be sure you go in two’s and be very alert.

If someone approaches you  for a one on one transaction, chances are that he want to ambush you and take your money or sell a stolen phone to you.

You are with a stolen property, no receipt?

Trust “naija” police na!!!

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