How To Buy A Washing Machine In Nigeria

A washing machine is a machine used to wash laundry, such as clothing and sheets. The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning (which uses alternative cleaning fluids, and is performed by specialist businesses) or ultrasonic cleaners. Laundry detergent is added to the wash water, and is sold in either powdered or liquid form.

Some washing machine even get to iron clothes automatically.

You know know one actually like washing clothes if they got an alternative that would do it for the without much stress. Infact i have never seen any one say clothe washing is a hobby.

So you have decided to get a new washer, How ever before making a purchase lets get you up and running of the different types of washing machine available.

Washing machine are of  two types regardless of the brand be it LG, Haier Thermocool, Samsung, Scanfrost, Beko,Polystar or Akai. They are;

  • Top-Load washing Machine and
  • Front Load Washing Machine.

Top Load Washing Machine

These are entry level machine which is  of low cost,The clothe fabric is been fed in from the top.

They use less water and have very great  capacities.

These top loaders generally comes in three(3) forms.

  • Single Tub washers,
  • Top-Load  fully automatic washers, and
  • Twin-Tub semi automatic washers.

Single Tub washers

single tub washer

These are the most affordable form of  top-load washing machine. The consume less power and space. this can be movable  from place to place as a result of it’s portable nature.

Single tub washers are manually operated, they do the pretty basic stuffs- wash your clothes within its jurisdiction, how ever its your duty to do the remaining procedure which includes, squeezing  and drying them.


Twin-Tub semi automatic washers.

Twin Tub Semi-automatic washing machines

Twin-Tub semi automatic washers perform same operation like the  the single tub except that this posses a dual tub- one for washing and the other for drying.

Although you would have to manually take out the clothes from the washing part to the drying tub.This washer are a lot more functional and powerful when compared to the former.

They are generally larger than the single tub washers and consume more space.

You can use use a small generator which have a rating of about 1.8kVA and above to power this washers

Top-Load  fully automatic washers

Top Load washer

Top-Load  fully automatic washers eliminate the need for dual tubs.

These machine  do both the washing and drying in just one tub. Since they have one tub, the space they consume is lesser the twin tub  washing machines.

However, for efficient operation this machine requires a continuous flow of water.

Front Load washing Machine

Front load washing machine have just one tub and performs all the functions aforementioned in just this tub.

They are generally expensive and cannot be moved around.

Front load automatic washing machine

Buy Front Load Washers

This kind of washing machine uses “Tumble wash” which gives a better wash quality than Top loaders.

During a wash cycle more clothes cannot be added to the tub, a feature which is readily available in the top loaders.

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