Best and Reliable Web Hosting In Nigeria at Cheap rates

Choosing the best web hosting in  Nigeria is crucial for your online business to grow, a wrong choice of web host can lead to loss of revenue due to the negative effect it would have on your  SEO, high potential for security or malware attack and poor customer support.

It is thus essential to choose a reliable web hosting in Nigeria if we are to use a Nigerian web host to ensure that your business site remains safe and accessible all year round. If you have issues with your current web host and have no idea of what to consider here are some tips that could help you choose a good web host.

  • a web host with excellent customer support experience.
  • an Excellent Uptime record.
  • Good review reputation
  • cost should not be a priority.

5 Best Web hosting in Nigeria



Whogohost is a company that was founded in 2007 by Opeyemi Awoyemi. it is a Nigerian leading web hosting and domain registration company providing small and medium enterprise avenue to host their website online and thus, project their businesses to the trajectory of success. They offer cheap web hosting in Nigeria,The entry plan is the aspire package which is billed at 4000 Naira annually and the max plan for a shared hosting is a giant build at 21500 Naira annually. The image below shows the web hosting plans available in whogohost.

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Q-servers is  another reliable web hosting in nigeria which started in December 2004 under the company name Net Builders LTD, the goal of Q-server is to set a new standard for shared, Virtual private server(VPS) and managed dedicated server hosting in order to achieve this goal a modernized internal support structure which helps to provide solution for clients have been put in place.

Hosting plan is billed at 3500 Naira per annual and can go up to 17000 Naira per annum depending on your hosting specifications choices.Their customer support is also excellent as I have used them personally.




Web4africa is just another leading web hosting company in nigeria they offer reliable web hosting packages between 3937 naira  39,375 Naira billed annually.

best web hosting in nigeria

If you want to host a small business website web4africa should be on your top list of choices.


Hub8 is a new web hosting company in Nigeria that offers really cheap web hosting plans for webmasters in Nigeria, copied also boast of a free WordPress hosting plan that offers up to 500MB storage and over 100 GB bandwidth.In case your project is not on WordPress, HUB8 also offers regular web hosting starting with a free plan all the way up to an Ultimate plan that just costs 1,690 Naira per month.

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cheap webhosting in nigeria hub8


Domainking makes the list of chest and cheap web hosting in nigeria, Their hosting plan plan from  3600 Naira for its soldier plan and 19,200 Naira for its king plan per web hosting in nigeria

The  hosting supports are  pretty much commendable, They also provide WordPress blog hosting at a ridiculous amount of  667 Naira + plus a free domain name,


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