Best States for NYSC and How Much They Pay Corpers

Every year comes the time when a fresh graduate would have to fill in four states to spend his/her NYSC service year. Without questioning from your part, I’m sure security would have to be your first criteria, the money, distance from your home state, cost of living, job opportunities, and all other considerable factors come afterward.

Well, this article makes it simple, after reading this I’m confident you’ll have the best choice. It covers it all from, cost of living, security, transportation, housing cost, the standard of living, and salaries. Here’s a list of the best states to serve your mandatory one year as a corper in Nigeria.

This list is well-researched and current:

Best States for NYSC in Nigeria

Lagos State

Dubbed the commercial hub or the Big Apple of Africa. Lagos is also the commercial capital of Nigeria. Which has found its present progress from all tribes of Nigeria, you can also call it the Mini-Nigeria because there isn’t a tribe you can’t find there. But wait! Staying in Lagos isn’t cheap.

A corper posted to this state would have to deal with accommodation issues, transport costs, and also feeding costs; food can be costly in Lagos.

Nevertheless, Lagos is here to offer you huge job opportunities than most states in the country, which makes it the best state for NYSC. And, as regards security, Lagos is one safe place for a Corps member. But still, you need to be careful because there are always the effects of Urbanization as can be found anywhere in the world, for example, pickpockets, thugs, and illegal drug-bearers. And you need not worry about bombings, banditry, kidnapping, etc. all in which have been a significant security concern in the whole country for decades now.

Another plus is the high pay, the government pays Corp members in ministries the sum of 10,000 Naira per month, while Corp members in Local government areas are paid about 5000 Naira per month. This sums a Corp member monthly allowance to be about 40,000 Naira per month at his/her place of primary assignment.

So, now you see why Lagos state is the best state for NYSC, contrary to that premise, it’s quite competitive though. And getting posted to Lagos can be one tug of war, or more like an intense Bet9ja game.

Abuja (FCT)

The second on this list for the best states for NYSC in Nigeria is the capital of Nigeria. Which is also situated with ministries, various head-quarters for notable companies, foreign establishments, etc. you can find everything here.

And the cost of living in Abuja can be very high, a self-contain or one room can be about 300,000- 400,000 Naira per month. However, food is cheap when it concerns being an urbanized area. The main postulation is because its surrounded by the Hausa/Fulani states, which are known to be good farm tribes. There are loads of yams in this state with low prices, so I give you a bet that you’ll be enjoying a lot of yam delicacies in this state, and if you’re a good cook then you can think of a yummy yam recipe to cook for your colleagues in your place of primary assignment. Not to forget, tomatoes, there are lots of vegetables in this state, so you can make various stews and combine them with some freshly boiled yam.

Abuja is also known to have a good standard of living, and security too. So it can be very suitable if you’re from a middle-class family.

One last thing, if you think by working in one of the Federal Government ministries that you’ll be paid much, then you better think again because almost all departments of the state and the country spends less or nothing. If you’re lucky, you can find a private establishment that may be willing to pay you, but it won’t be worth the time and effort you give to the job.

Anambra State

Anambra is third on this list because it’s the highest paying state. So if you’re looking for a state that pays that much, then is Anambra state you have to seek out for. Like it pays Corp members a whopping sum of 9000 Naira monthly, which is higher than all states except for Lagos state.

And, it’s home to the largest market in all of West Africa, if not Africa as a whole. Food is also cheap, accommodation is fair, transportation is reasonably affordable, and almost everything in Anambra is cheap.

But the main issue with this state is insecurity. It has been a significant issue and setback to the progress of the state for decades now. Nevertheless, the present government has been fortifying its security to make it as peaceful as the Vatican. Onitsha is one area that has been plagued by insecurity problems, while other notable cities like, Nnewi, and Awka are safe to a degree.

Kano State

I guess by just seeing the name, you might have an off, and say “Oh! Kano state, it’s North.” You’re not alone; for years now, most Corp members have been scared of visiting not to talk of serving in the North.

And the reasons for this aren’t questionable, insecurity has plagued the Northern region for years now, and Kano state has had its reasonable share of it. Well, apart from the danger that has plagued the state for years now, Kano state is also a major commercial hub in Nigeria. It’s even said that at a particular time, Kano was known to be the most populous state in Nigeria, but that title was lost to Lagos state because of the persistent attacks by Boko Haram.

Kano state is also known to pay its Corp members well about 5000 Naira monthly, and presently to a degree is peaceful. With this peace as observed by all and sunder, most of its people seem to be returning, thereby reviving the state once more.

Enugu State

We can’t talk about the best states for NYSC and leave Enugu out of it. It wouldn’t sum up well. This is a state known for its beautiful mountain tops and undulating green hills, which contrived its name ENU- UGWU, which means a place of mountain tops.

As a Corp member serving in its Urban areas, you’ll receive a monthly allowance of 1000 Naira and 4000 Naira for those serving in its rural areas. Well, that’s fair. And it’s also a major state to look out for, especially in terms of job opportunities and urbanized lifestyle.

It’s utterly safe to a degree; food is cheap, transportation also cheap. However, as a serving Corp Member, one of the problems you might face is water scarcity.

And the reason for its water scarcity is plausible, being a mountainous region, drilling water can be quite expensive so a Corp member would have to rely on streams and expensive sales of water from a house. You’ll also have to note that this isn’t the same issue in all areas of Coal City State.

Ogun State

First things first, the camp is beautiful. So the minute you’re in the state, you’ll begin to enjoy a lot of good stuff from the state. Ogun State doesn’t pay Corp members state allowance, but various companies and jobs are willing to employ you and pay good cash.

Accommodation is quite cheap in this state, even in its capital, Abeokuta. Transport is also affordable, and security is suitable to a degree.

Food is also very cheap in this state. One primary reason could be because it has the largest farm in the country, called Otta farm, with various mechanized farms dotted in the state.


This is the state in which the state government pays its Corp members after the orientation course. And immediately after camp, Corp members are also paid. According to the state government, paying Corp members, it’s done to help the Corp members to their various PPAs; so they do not have any troubles officially beginning their one-year mandatory service.

In this state, you hardly get any warning of insecurity issues. It’s safe to a degree. Food is also cheap, especially dog meat, sold for about 20-50 Naira per toothpick. Transportation is affordable, accommodation is also fair in price, and this southern state lifestyle is upbeat. The state government pays 5000 Naira per month, couple that with your federal government allowance, and you’re living big.


Wrap Up

I also advise, if you’re searching for the best states for NYSC, then you must begin by seeking counsel from various ex-corp members, and also the ones currently serving in the state of your choice. Most notably, the new stream or batch of corp members; the reason is that some states may have stopped paying corp members or will stop paying corp members.

And, another reason is to get the much-needed information of all private companies in the state; the working condition, how Corpers are treated in the companies, and their monthly pay rate. All this information as gotten would make you more prepared as you await to serve your country.

Happy service year to you! And congrats.

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