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Top Football Prediction Sites

Football prediction is a guessing game. You could be on the winning side but at times you could be on the losing side.  Game prediction should be done with common sense. Do not invest in teams that are…

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The Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) Course Requirement

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) was founded on the 5th of February, 1964 for the purpose of training officers for the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The Nigerian Defence Academy provides each officer cadet with the knowledge, skills, and…

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The Nigerian Defence Academy(NDA) Salary & Ranks

The men and women of the NDA give their all to serve this nation. It is, therefore, necessary that they get their reward here on earth. This article shall expatiate on the rank and salary structure of the…

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Notable Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) Alumni

Educational institutions churn out graduates yearly to the applaud of many. These products of our institutions go out to the world to showcase what they have learned during their stay at their various citadel of learning. The Nigerian…

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Nulled WordPress Themes Are They Safe?

Apart from the Official wordpress site, there are thousands of sites that offer free themes and plugins, also others who give premium themes and plugin for free. That awesome, you think? now the problem here is that they…

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Nigeria Zip Code — Get It Right Now

Nigeria zip code

In the early 1960s, the US Portal Services adopted the usage of Zone Improvement Plan(ZIP) codes for quicker sorting of mail and delivery. Initially, it was made up of five numbers but in the 1980s these codes were…

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How to block Porn on internet connected devices.

no porn

  Ever worked passed your child and he/she quickly turn off the computer or quickly exit a webpage. The internet has lots of information,  which can help with better advancement or lead to potential harm. A parent usually…

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Network Data Plan List 2019 (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL AND 9MOBILE)

List of Data Plan for all Networks 2017

This article compromise  of all network’s data plan for 2017. I felt the need to make a comprehensive list of all data plans in Nigeria for easy access,and also for people who would love to migrate from their…

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How Does Google Know If You Clicked On Own Ads

    If you are new to ad-sense and not earning few dollars a day you would definitely be tempted to click on your own ad which violates google’s policies. I’m sure that you will try to go…

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E-commerce Battleday :Konga vs Jumia which is better?

konga or jumia which is better

Konga and Jumia are both E-commerce giants in Nigeria where we make commercial transactions electronically on the Internet. I’m not in to tarnish or make wrong sayings about a company but to make facts readily available to you…

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ALAT By Wema Bank — Nigeria’s First Fully Digital Bank.

alat by wema bank

ALAT by Wema Bank is Nigeria’s first full digital banking service. This signifies a revolution in the banking industry, where the needs of customers are met using technology to provide cheaper, faster and better services. With ALAT, the…

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The Difference Between An Automobile(car) Battery and an Inverter Battery

Difference between an car battery and an Inverter battery

Have come across many people who tend to use a car battery to supply voltage to their inverter systems. Even some inverter technicians in the field are also not too clear about the issue, which is why am…

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