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ALAT by Wema Bank-Nigeria’s First Fully Digital Bank.

alat by wema bank

ALAT by Wema Bank is Nigeria’s first full digital banking service.This signifies a revolution in the banking industry, where the needs of customers are met using technology to provide cheaper,faster and better services. With ALAT, the issue of…

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Discover how to Scam people in Nigeria

scam people

The proliferation of Yahoo-Yahoo boys (popularly known as G-boys) in Nigeria and their flashy lifestyle, has lead many astray to search online for recent ways to scam people via the internet. I wrote this article because i have…

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How to block Porn on internet connected devices.

no porn

Ever worked passed your child and he/she quickly turn off the computer or  quickly exit a webpage. The internet has  lots of information,  which can help for better advancement or lead to potential harm. Parent usually search ways…

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Tips to Know a Genuine Seller from a Scammer on,

protect scam on olx jiji

This article is intended to help classified ads users to distinguish between a scammer when you want to purchase of an item whether used or new. We are not oblivious of the fact that in any booming business…

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E-commerce Battleday :Konga vs Jumia which is better?

konga or jumia which is better

Konga and Jumia are both E commerce giants in Nigeria where  we make commercial transactions  electronically on the Internet. I’m not in to tarnish or make wrong sayings about a company but to make facts  readily available to…

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Classified Battle: Olx vs Jiji which is a better Option

Olx vs jiji which is better? This is a major question for classified advertisers. This Article is intended for people who do paid listing on either platforms. Olx and jiji has dominated the classified market that even  efritin…

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Tips to consider when making purchase of a used or Belgium phones

how to belgium phones

The recent skyrocket in price of premium phones in Nigeria has lead many to resort to buying fairly used phones or as it is fondly called Belgium phones. In Nigeria the mobile market is top selling both in…

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IPhone X Specification and Price

iphone x

Unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 and its Plus variant, the iPhone X is a special device marking the 10th anniversary of the Apple flagship smartphone. You actually call it the iPhone Ten (iPhone 10). iPhone X offers a…

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A Quick Preview at LG Q6


The LG Q6 is LG’s latest crack at the budget smartphone market. But instead of making yet another cookie cutter device, LG has decided to shape it in the mold of its flagship – the G6. Design And…

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Full Specs and Price of the iPhone 8

iphone 8

After the all speculations, rumor specs and the long wait, Apple has finally released the successor to the iPhone 7 which is the iPhone 8. Although both devices features the same design, screen size and resolution, there have…

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